Fouad Whatsapp Download APK Latest Version 2022 (Official and Safe)

Do you want Fouad WhatsApp Download APK for free? so here you get Fouad WhatsApp APK latest version 2022 which is the mod APK of official WA.I will share fouad WhatsApp official download link for free with you,you can download and install it on android phone easily. also I share with you all the amazing functions of the 2022 latest version Fouad WhatsApp APK and how easily you can use FMWA.

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Fouad WhatsApp Download APK Latest Version 2022 Official

Download Fouad WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2022

The original WhatsApp is an instant messaging service APP that helps people securely communicate with others using their mobile phone. But what is Fouad WhatsApp? It is a mod version of official WhatsApp that features that are not available on the official. It is an APK that can be used on android device.

Fouad WhatsApp APK is a social messaging APP that allows people to send photos,voice messages,videos, and location. It is a free, cross-platform APP that allows people to share content with one another. Fouad WhatsApp APK was created by Fouad Mod and was released.

Fouad WhatsApp APK 2022 New Version Features 

Disable Forwarded It is also a privacy function of Fouad WhatsApp APK that removes the "Forwarded" label from the forwarded message. You have probably noticed that every time somebody forwards a message to you on official WhatsApp, it is automatically marked as "Forwarded". If you enable this function in Fouad WhatsApp, you can remove the label and the forwarded message will no longer have the "Forwarded" label.
Hide View Status It is a privacy feature that allows you to see other people's status updates without them knowing that you have seen them. It's very interesting and I personally use it on my Fouad WhatsApp.
Anti-View Once This is a new data protection function that, once activated, offers the possibility of viewing images/videos for an unlimited number of times without limitation, according to the "single view" principle.
Security Feature One of the most important security features of Fouad WhatsApp APK that you should use to protect your original WhatsApp chats from others. It adds a password lock that you need to pass in order to open Fouad WhatsApp APK. It can also be referred to as an initial screen lock. It offers a full customization option and you can set your password as a pattern or PIN.
Download FouadThemes Fouad WhatsApp APK has a built-in theme store where you can download and install custom themes online for free. There are currently more than 50 themes available in the store, and the best part is that you can use them for free.
Save FouadTheme This option allows you to save the current theme customizations and settings in the mobile's memory so that you can restore them in case of problems.
Colors This feature in Universal Settings allows you to change the color of various elements in Fouad WhatsApp APK. You can change the color of elements like the background, status bar, navigation bar, chat separator, etc.
Show Blue Ticks after Reply If the option is enabled, the contact will see blue ticks only when you reply to his or her message.
More Settings Under the Universal option are other features such as disabling heads-up notification, disabling the badge counter, disabling swipe to end a conversation and much more.
Anyway,if you feel interested in Fouad WhatsApp,Download Fouad WhatsApp APK or baixar Fouad WhatsApp APK 2022 latest version, just go to the official website for more.

5 Ways to Help You Fix the Problem of Fouad WhatsApp APK Message Delayed Sending

Recently, I have seen some people asking how to resolve the Fouad WhatsApp APK message delay problem. I’m convinced this problem has plagued some people. It is not complicated to solve the problem of delayed message sending. I have summarised the following five measures, hoping to help you.

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5 Ways to Help You Fix the Problem of Fouad WhatsApp APK Message Delayed Sending

Restart Fouad WhatsApp APK

This is a simple and efficient method. In most cases, there is nothing wrong with your Fouad WhatsApp, it just needs you to wake it up gently.

Restart the Android device

If restarting Fouad WhatsApp doesn’t fix the message delay, then you can also long-press the power button to go to shut down, then leave it for 1 minute before restarting your Android phone.

Release storage space

If neither of the above methods fails to solve this tricky problem, then it’s time for me to warn you to clear your space. During your use of Fouad WhatsApp, you must have carried out a lot of caching of pictures, videos, and voice recordings. Go ahead and clean up your phone.

Turn off power saving mode

Maybe it’s not because Fouad WhatsApp and your phone are malfunctioning somewhere, it could be because you have power saving mode on. Power saving mode can hinder the speed of some applications to some extent.

Reinstall Fouad WhatsApp

You will not use this method unless you have to. If you have tried all these methods and others, but nothing works, then reinstalling Fouad WhatsApp is your last option.

Every app has more or fewer issues, and so does Fouad WhatsApp. However, this does not prevent Fouad WhatsApp from being an excellent instant messaging software.

Why Your YO WhatsApp is Not Working? How to Fix?

If your YOWhatsApp is not working, you may be experiencing one of the following problems. Double check whether it is a problem with your mobile device or the downloaded YOWhatsApp APK.

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Why Your YO WhatsApp is Not Working? How to Fix?

# The mobile device is not connected to the internet

# YOWhatsApp version is out of date

# Some access in the settings is not allowed

# Not enough memory space on the phone

How to Fix

I’ve also had problems with YOWhatsApp not working. It is indeed very frustrating when it doesn’t work. My partners and I have summarised the following ways to fix the problem, which I hope will help you.

1. Check Internet Connection

The fact that YOWhatsApp does not work also has a lot to do with the internet connection. If your mobile data package runs out or your Wifi signal is weak, YOWhatsApp will not be able to send messages as well as receive messages and images properly. At this point you will need to check your internet connection or restart your phone.

2. Allow Download from Unknown Sources

YOWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp does not allow modified versions to exist, which means that users need to download the YOWhatsApp APK from a third party. This requires you to turn on Allow Unknown Sources in your settings, otherwise you will not be able to install YOWhatsApp successfully.

3. Clear Storage on Your Phone

When you do not have enough memory on your phone, it will affect the speed of the App. If some functions of YoWhatsApp are not working or the switching interface is not smooth, you should increase your storage space. Or some chat pictures and messages on YOWhatsApp that you don’t need can also be cleaned up.

4. Use the Latest Version of YO WhatsApp

With the advancement of technology, many problems are exposed in the use of older versions of applications. Some bugs can be fixed, but some features can be replaced, hence the iterations of version updates. If your YOWhatsApp isn’t working, it’s probably because it’s alerting you: You need to update it


YOWA is currently loved by many people. It is much more flexible and surprising than the original WhatsApp. If you encounter any problem using it, please consult us.